Walk together to the same beat: join us for the 4th International Fur Free Gala!


Versace : I don't want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn't feel right.


Armani New technologies render the use of cruel practices unnecessary and the decision reflects the luxury group’s attention to the critical issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals


Gucci :Being socially responsible is one of Gucci’s core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals


Walk together to the Same Beat – Sustainable Fashion


London College of Fashion has made a commitment to drive change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live through its Centre for Sustainable Fashion. 


You can help transform the fashion industry into a compassionate one! Your first step can be to join all of us for the Fur Free Fashion Gala! Help us make the change happen!


Why fur free?


Every year, millions of animals suffer cruel lives and are sacrificed for fur coats and trim to be used in fashion.


Fur farming & processing pollutes the environment and can put the health of workers, local residents and consumers at risk.


Fur Free – not only about fashion but a lifestyle


To avoid such harm, Armani, Gucci and other major brands have declared themselves fur free—join this growing trend now!


"Fur Free" goes beyond fashion and represents ideals:let's keep fur and cruelty out of our lifestyle!

2018年5月25日 17:30-22:00


特邀嘉宾 Special Guests




Other guests include: London College of Fashion, representatives from  British, American and Australian Consulates & Chambers of Commerce in Shanghai


盛典环节 Gala Program


Original designs from Fur Free Retailers,using alternative materials to actively promote sustainable fashion .

时尚秀Fashion Show


Celebrities and special guests join their creative forces to interpret "Fur Free" via music and dance.

艺术表演Artistic Performances


Networking begins with a compassionate gourmet dinner as the first step to a caring future!

蔬食晚宴Plant-based Dinner


The Caring for Life Fashion Awards encourage more people to promote fur free! Through the auction, you can help us too!

颁奖典礼和公益拍卖Award Ceremony & Charity Auction

活动说明 Event Explanation

2018第四届国际零皮草时尚盛典,是行动亚洲生命关怀能力发展中心 (ACTAsia)为推广零皮草理念所举办的公益晚宴。活动所有餐费、拍卖、义卖等收入主要用于支付活动成本,盈余款项列入行动亚洲消费者教育零皮草专项经费。行动亚洲亦为深圳市青少年发展基金会生命关怀教育专项基金的执行机构,多年来持续为促进生命关怀的教育而努力:

1. 生命关怀儿童教育以促进青少年同理心和责任感的养成;

2. 生命关怀消费者教育以促进培育关怀生命的消费意识;

3. 生命关怀职业教育以促进中国伴侣动物兽医的动物福利认知水平发展。

The 4th International Fur Free Gala 2018 is a charity gala dinner organised by ACTAsia in order to promote fur free. All funds raised through activities such as the dinner, auction and raffles are used to cover the expenses of this event, and the remaining funds will be used for ACTAsia's Fur Free Project-Consumer Education. ACTAsia is also the entity implementing the Caring for Life Education Project of Shenzhen Youth Development Foundation, and has strived to promote a compassionate lifestyle over the years through three project areas: 

1.Caring for Life Education - to teach children compassion and responsibility;

2. Consumer Education - to raise an awareness in consumers to make compassionate choices;

3. Professional Education - to increase the animal welfare knowledge of veterinarians.

活动指南 Event Details

日期 Date:2018/5/25 17:30-22:00

地点 Venue:上海外滩茂悦大酒店/ Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai

人数 Audience:300人/ 300 people

晚宴餐费 Meal cost:

       ¥1500/ 人/ person

       ¥2900/ 双人/ 2 persons

       ¥12000/ 10人桌/ 10-person table

着装要求 Dress code:零皮草华丽 Black tie & evening gown& of course fur free!

咨询电话TEL:15026791425 (蔡小姐)

邮箱E-mail:[email protected]

预定晚宴席位 Reservation for dinner


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